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Kids' suitcases


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Kids’ suitcases are available in many different shapes and sizes. When you’re leaving for a holiday, having a small suitcase that’s specifically suited for your child is ideal. Toys, diapers and something to eat and drink can all be put away neatly, and are always near your little one when needed. During travel, a ride-on suitcase is also incredibly practical to take as a carry-on on the plane. When waiting times are long and you need to stand in line, being able to have a sit-down can be very nice for your boy or girl. And when it’s time to get up and go, they’re probably happy to tug along their ‘load’, proud as they are of their very own suitcase. So let them pick one that they love, because there are plenty of kids’ suitcases to choose from! For example, there are cute suitcases for girls in pink or with flowers, and cool suitcases for boys in blue or with planes. All of these kids’ suitcases are readily available at Duifhuizen!

Kids’ suitcases at Duifhuizen

The range of kids’ suitcases at Duifhuizen is varied. We offer well-known brands such as Okiedog and Disney. The latter has a great selection of children’s suitcases with images from popular films such as Frozen and Cars, and with beloved characters such as the Minions and Mickey Mouse. Alternatively, suitcases from Saxoline have fun prints which can appeal to children as well. To view the collections of these brands, have a look below:

When it comes to suitcases models, we have various childrens suitcases available. For example, we have ride-on suitcases, trolleys with two wheels and classic travel suitcases with a top handle and no wheels. All of them come in fun shapes, prints or colours and are relatively lightweight so your child will be able to carry or pull them. Curious? Have a browse through our range of kids’ suitcases!

Order kids’ suitcases online

Finding and ordering kids’ suitcases online is a breeze at Duifhuizen. Once you’ve chosen one that your kid loves, it’s an easy process to place the order and pay online. We only use secure payment methods, and have the order delivered to your home with the greatest care. In the unlikely case that something goes wrong, you can always get in touch with our customer service. That way, we’re sure you’re always happy with one of our kids’ suitcases!