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Cookie Policy


To make our website work as well as possible, we measure the behavior of our customers by using cookies.

Our Duifhuizen online shop is managed by Duifhuizen e-shop Ltd. We use various types of cookies in our webshop, including comparable techniques. This Cookie Policy states what cookies are, what they do and what kind of cookies we use in our webshop.

When you visit our website for the first time, you will get a notification in which we explain why we use cookies.

You can deactivate the use of cookies through your web browser at any time. Please 

keep in mind that it is possible our website will no longer work optimally.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are sent to and saved at the device you use to visit our webshop or the webshop of a third party, like your smartphone, computer or tablet.

When your device saves a cookie, the website you visit can recognize your device. Alongside cookies, we also use techniques that are comparable to the use of cookies, which can help to recognize your device and gather information about your visit to our website even further. Examples are JavaScript and Beacons.

Generally, cookies have limited validity from the moment they are placed on your device. After the validity has expired, the cookie will automatically be removed by your browser. We use cookies with a different validity. Firstly, we can use cookies that are valid only for the duration of your browser session. These cookies are deleted immediately after you have closed the session. Secondly, we also use cookies that are saved longer, so that they can be read during your next visit to our webshop or the website of a third party as well.

Cookies at our website will not be connected to information known to us, like your name, address, email address and more. We only use it to customize advertisements based on audience profiles to make them as relevant as possible for you.

In addition to our own cookies, we also work together with partners who place cookies on our behalf that are activated by us.

We have made agreements about the use of the cookies and applications with those partners. However, we do not have complete control over what the providers of these applications do with the cookies when they read them out.

For more information about these applications and how they deal with cookies, please read the privacy statements of these parties (note: these privacy statements can change regularly).

To analyse the data, we use the web analysis tool Google Analytics, provided by Google. Furthermore we use Feedback and A/B testsoftware of Hotjar and VWO. The cookies of Google Analytics, Hotjar and VWO enable us, among other things, to see how often our website is visited and which pages of our website are most frequently viewed.

For complete information about functionality and data processing, please refer to:

The collected information is processed in statistics and is used by us to optimize our website to be able to serve you even better. The collected information is not used by us to identify you as a person.

We have concluded a processor agreement with these partners to make agreements about the handling of our data. Furthermore, we allow Google to use the obtained Analytics information for other Google services we use, such as product offers and (regional) advertisements. Finally, we do not anonymize the IP addresses.


Cookies we use

Through our webshop various types of cookies can be placed which can be divided into three categories: (i) functional cookies, (ii) analytical cookies and (iii) advertising cookies, including tracking and social media cookies.

In accordance with the law, we will only place analytical and advertising cookies if you have given permission via the cookie notification or, without your permission, if the analytical cookies have no or minor consequences for your privacy. Functional cookies can be placed without your permission.

  1. Functional cookies are cookies that enable you to use our webshop and its functionalities. These cookies are necessary for the functioning of our webshop and are placed when you open our webshop or click on a relevant functionality. Think of cookies that, for example, are necessary to stay logged in on our webshop during shopping.
  2. Analytical cookies (such as Google Analytics) measure how our visitors use our webshop. With this information the use of our webshop can be analyzed, and reports and statistics can be generated about the use of our webshop. This allows us to measure the quality or effectiveness of our webshop and improve how we present the content to you.
  3. Advertisement cookies (including tracking and social media cookies) from third parties, for example, keep track of the advertisements you have seen from us and / or third parties via our webshop or via third-party websites and, for example, whether you clicked on them. If you have given permission for this, we (and the third parties concerned) can use the information obtained through the tracking and advertising cookies to monitor your internet behavior in our webshop and on third party websites. With this we can show you relevant advertisements and products and make personal offers in our webshop and on third party websites based on your interests and we keep track which third party websites you have used to shop with us.

The social media cookies make it easier to share information via social media or receive messages when you share something or comment on social media. Social media cookies also make it possible for the social media provider to monitor your internet behavior. We have no control over this and are not responsible for this.

Listed below, you can take a look at what social media cookies we use and where you can find the privacy and cookie policy of these parties.

You can withdraw your permission to these cookies at any time, via the cookie settings of your internet web browser.


List of cookies we save

The table below (see website contains a list of cookies that we store and which information they contain. In this table, you can schematically see:

  • The kind of cookie: (1) functional, (2) analytical, or (3) advertisement cookie
  • the purpose for which the cookie is used
  • by whom the cookie is placed
  • the information that is saved
  • by whom the information can be viewed, and
  • the validity of the cookie


How can you exercise your rights?

If you have questions about our cookie policy, you can contact us via the information below. Check our privacy statement to see how you can view your personal data, or for more information on how you can exercise your rights.


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