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For women bags can be some of the most essential items in their daily lives. All you have to do is look around you on the streets to see that ladies take their bags everywhere. Whether it’s a laptop bag for work, a tote bag for shopping or a handbag that’s used all day long, there’s always a handle in hand or a strap on the shoulder. It’s no surprise that bags for women come in all shapes and sizes. Besides the various purposes, every woman has got her own style and preferences. That’s why we’ve got a wide range of ladies’ bags at Duifhuizen – so any girl can find a bag that’s perfect for her! We know that to women bags are personal, so come and find yours!

Women bags collection at Duifhuizen

Women and bags, it’s a happy marriage. At Duifhuizen, we’re excited to be the ‘matchmaker’ for thousands of women each year. Our bags online shop is open for business 24/7, and ladies from all over the world find the perfect bag in our collection. From established companies to upcoming designers, you can discover over 100 brands in our shop. That’s a lot of inspiration!

Trendy women's bags

Among women, bags that are most popular are the handbag and the shoulder bag. Our extended collection is updated each season with trendy new designs inspired by the catwalks. Brands such as Ted Baker and Guess have feminine bags with eye-catching prints, hardware and finishes. From animal prints to studs and metallic looks, if you want to draw eyes these women’s bags will do the trick.

Cool & robust women's bags

Women who want bags with a more robust look can also find lots of goodies in our range of ladies’ bags. Brands such as Micmacbags, Aunts & Uncles and O My Bag create the coolest designs with materials such as thick leather and waxed canvas. No matter if it’s a work bag, handbag or a baby changing bag, these women’s bags have a beautiful, robust and natural look.

Women's bags for special occasions

To women bags are perhaps the most fun to shop when it’s for a special occasion. We’ve got a fantastic collection of classy crossbody bags and trendy clutch bags to complete any festive outfit with a feminine touch. Looking for class? Furla is a great brand to browse. Want to add a bit of an edge to your dress? Try Love Moschino for a playful touch. There’s plenty to discover so women, the bags are waiting!

Caring for women’s bags

Women’s bags come in various materials, each with its own unique look. This also means that each bag should be cared for in a different way. A suede leather bag for example needs more protection than a bag made of PVC. To help you select the right care items, we’ve created a helpful care guide for bags. Should you still have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our customer service. They would be happy to help you answer any questions about women’s bags!