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Aunts and uncles bags are beautiful leather bags with a striking vintage character. A true family business, aunts and uncles is a German company that’s been making leather accessories for over twenty year, including backpacks and wallets. Their main focus however has always been on fashionable bags, both for men and women. Allow us to tell you more about aunts and uncles bags!

A passion for leather bags

Aunts and uncles bags are made by hand and solely of high-quality leather. The company makes a point of keeping their materials free of CFC, PCB, PCP and formaldehyde. The dyes that are used comply with the AZO and other European regulations to ensure the highest quality. Vegetable tans such as bark are used to finish the aunts and uncles bags. All these aspects make for a beautiful material which has true character.

Aunts and uncles leather bags are finished in various ways. Most women’s bags are finished in smooth, supple leather with a matte finish. It’s the perfect leather finish for designs that are both trendy and vintage. On the other hand, men’s bags are often made of robust, thick leather which showcases the folds and scratches of the cowhide really well. This gives each of these bags a unique, natural patina which only grows more beautiful over time! When it comes to design, leather is essential to all aunts and uncles bags.

Aunts and uncles bags at Duifhuizen

Aunts and uncles bags are popular among many people: students, businessmen, adventurers and vintage lovers, all enjoy the authentic designs. There’s a bag for any kind of situation in daily life. At Duifhuizen, we stock a very wide range of aunts and uncles bags. For example, we have small handbags to keep your essentials close, but also spacious shoulder bags for those that always have their bags full of you-never-know-when items. Or how about a cute crossbody bag with floral lining for a festival, or a sturdy laptop bag that also fits plenty of documents for work? No matter what kind of aunts and uncles bag you need for what situation, you can be sure you’re not just buying a bag. You’re buying a companion. One that will be by your side for many years to come if you give it the right love and care. Want to order aunts and uncles bags online? Read on!

Buy aunts and uncles bags online

If you’re looking to buy aunts and uncles bags online from abroad, we’re happy to be of service. We deliver worldwide, so you can order from any country. You can find the estimated delivery times and costs on our shipping & delivery page. We also regularly have aunts and uncles bags on sale, so you might get the chance to buy your favourite item with a discount. Do you have any questions or problems? Just get in touch with our friendly customer service team. They’d be glad to help you with any issues you may have about aunts and uncles bags!