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Duifhuizen bags & travel

Duifhuizen has been established in 1953 and is one the largest Dutch retailers of bags, suitcases and small leather goods. Since its founding days back in the '50s, Duifhuizen has successfully made a name for itself in large parts of The Netherlands when it comes to leather goods and travel bags. There are currently over 25 stores and an extensive online shop.


How it all began…

As a twelve year old boy the founding father of the company, Duifhuizen Sr., worked for a shoe and saddle maker in the Dutch village of Oud-Beijerland. Because it was wartime, studying was not an option and he worked on the shop floor from a young age. Because of this, he gained much experience in the leather industry. Duifhuizen Sr. always had the ambition to start his own business. He made his dream a reality by starting to sell his own custom made bags and wallets. He opened his first shop in Oud-Beijerland in 1953. The small company grew and grew, and as a result the shop had to be moved to a bigger property various times. Mrs. Duifhuizen also joined the company to work alongside her husband in the shop. She introduced the sales of leather clothing. Some 35 years later, the couple’s sons took over the company, following into their parents’ footsteps. From then on, the company has grown significantly.



The current shop in Oud-Beijerland is located at Oost-Voorstraat 17. At this location, you can still buy leather coats. In total, there are 28 brick-and-mortar Duifhuizen shops and one online shop where you can find an extensive collection of business bags, fashion items, school bags, small leather goods and practical travel luggage bags.


With personal service, years of experience and an enthusiastic team we do our best to provide you with good advice, both in our Dutch shops and at the online shop. It’s important to us that we find you the right bag, suitcase or wallet that suits your needs and style perfectly. Like our customer service, we want our bag to be there when you need it. Always at your side.